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Junior Fauna, 1st Place, Bess Diard, WoodpeckerWe are a Nationally Accredited Land Trust striving to protect the “edges” of Alabama. This means the wetlands where our coastline meets the waters of the Mobile and Weeks Bays. These bogs, marshes, and estuaries are integral to our environmental health as a state, a nation, and a planet. We do this through a partnership with the Weeks Bay Reserve and through land acquisition.

The Weeks Bay Foundation was incorporated in 1990 as a non-profit organization to support the Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve in its efforts to conserve the pristine coastal area of Baldwin County , Alabama . The Foundation, with over 550 members, supports the Reserve through donations of land and educational exhibits, public awareness and education programs, water quality monitoring efforts, and volunteer programs.

In addition to partnering with the Reserve, the Weeks Bay Foundation has protected over 8000 acres of coastline within Baldwin County. This is done through a combination of conservation easements, land donations, and purchases. All the land we protect will never be sold to developers and will remain wild forever.

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