2018 Photo Contest Winners!

The overall purpose of the Weeks Bay Photography Contest is to share images of nature–the spectacular beauty that surrounds us–with the rest of the world. We invite local photographers to use their skills, their eye for details, their ability to see things we might not see, and share those with us in hopes of sparking a curiosity, a love for, and a desire to protect the awe and beauty that surrounds us.

This year, we had a record 290 submissions! The quality of the photographs continue to amaze us, and our judges, Rodney Kilgore, Stephen Savage, and Lynn Oldshue, admitted that selecting winners was a difficult task.

Best of Show was awarded to Laurie Schaerer for beautifully capturing a hermit crab as it raced back to the surf.

Best in Show Adult

Best in Show in the Junior Division was awarded to Audrey Haines for the incredibly close-up and perfect view of the space-like buttonbush.

Copy of Junior Flora Audrey Haines Common Button Bush

The winners in the Adult category are:


  1. Debi Parnell – Insect
  2. Mark Watts – Fox
  3. Stephanie Pluscht – Quail

Honorable Mention – Thomas Peterson – Gator


  1. Karen Chiasson – Lotus
  2. Debi Parnell – Barbara’s Buttons
  3. Karen Chiasson – Gentian

Honorable Mention – Teani Parker – Cormorants


  1. Clayton Daigle – Pier
  2. Beth Tattersall – Heron
  3. Debi Parnell – Beach

Honorable Mention – Tonda Dickerson – Field w/ Pine


  1. Melissa Comer – Kayaks
  2. Jeff Hosterman – Bird
  3. Becky Tate – Boat

Honorable Mention – Mary Smith – Kayaker

The winners in the Junior Division are:


  1. Sophia Haines – Pelican
  2. Audrey Haines – Red Bug
  3. Sophia Haines – Gator

Honorable Mention – Jessie Guy – Egret


  1. Mae Taul – Ferns and Flowers
  2. Mary Frances Collins – Moss
  3. Cate Moore – Bark

Honorable Mention – Jessie Guy – Hyacinth


  1. Caroline Crum – B&W Pier
  2. Ben VanDerHeyden – Sunset
  3. Sophia Haines – Pier

Honorable Mention  – Sophia Haines – Swamp


  1. Luci Wilkinson – Flip
  2. Zainab Nasser – Man at sunset
  3. Cason Lane – Sand on shoe

Honorable Mention – Cate Moore – Paddler


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