From England to Weeks Bay – meet Darrel Williams

Our summer intern, Darrel Williams, has been as busy as a person could be this summer, all while taking college courses and being a dad to two young boys.

Originally from Winchester, England, where he studied engineering at Southampton City College, Williams started his career in Portsmouth, England, while completing a four-year engineering apprenticeship with Eaton Aerospace. Through a series of events, he relocated to the United States where he met his wife, Jenny. The Williams live in Fairhope with their two children, Breckin and Owen.

As the Foundation’s intern, Williams is conducting monitoring visits on Weeks Bay properties and writing the corresponding reports for land trust accreditation, working with contractors that will do restoration work on Weeks Bay properties, and developing a program under which future interns will work.

Monitoring property

Williams said his lifelong passion for nature and a fascination for the local ecology of the southeastern United States drove him to pursue his love of the natural sciences. He is studying environmental science at the University of West Florida, and upon graduation hopes to get involved in restoration ecology and land management projects.

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