Year-end Appeal

Thank you for stopping by! We hope we can count on you to help protect more of our treasured wetlands, and the economic and ecological benefits that come with them.

We appreciate your past support, whether it’s through your membership, an annual donation, or by attending one of our events. We have put your generous donations to work, buying and restoring land as fast as we can. We want others to know how important this work is, so we are always working on spreading the word. We can’t get the wetlands back if we don’t save them now. We need your help.

Thank you for investing in land and water. Thank you for investing in this place we call home.

So what does your donation actually do?

  • Helps us protect land and promote environmental education in south Alabama so current and future residents can enjoy clean water and the seafood, wildlife, and outdoor recreation that define our area. 
  • Helps us bring public access to all by funding the creation of nature preserves in Baldwin and Mobile counties.
  • Helps fund important land acquisition projects.
  • Helps us enhance the land we save, some of which is critical habitat for endangered species.
  • Helps fund staff to monitor protected lands.
  • Helps us foster Weeks Bay Reserve research and education programs.