Pelican Paddle

Congratulations to all the participants and winners in the 7th Annual Pelican Paddle!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the following groups received hand-made awards designed by local artist Kelley Wolff Lyons. 
– Men’s Solo Kayak (59 and younger)
– Men’s Master Class Solo Kayak (60 and older)
– Women’s Solo Kayak (59 and younger)
– Women’s Master Class Solo Kayak (60 and older)
– Junior Solo Kayak (Age 13 and under, any gender)
– Tandem Craft (2 paddlers in either a canoe or kayak, any gender)
– Men’s Stand Up Paddle Board
– Women’s Stand Up Paddle Board 
– Non-Traditional (Any type of non-motorized boats not in the other divisions, including solo canoes and pedal kayaks, excluding sailboats. Any age and/or gender)
– Pro Solo Kayak (A 7.0 mile race made up of two loops of the course, any age and  gender)

Scenes from the 7th annual Pelican Paddle