Water Quality Testing

The Weeks Bay Foundation sponsors the water quality testing sites at Bohemian Park on Fish River, Fish River at Honey Road boat launch, and Turkey Branch at Condor Circle, in partnership with Mobile BayKeeper.

Mobile Baykeeper conducts the tests. Samples are collected once per week during the swimming season (April – September) and once per month during the cooler months (October – March). Samples are collected on Thursday of every week and results are posted on Friday.

Water samples are analyzed for the indicator bacteria Enterococci via the IDEXX sampling methodology. Beaches will be marked as unsafe (red) for swimming when sample results show more than 104 Enterococci colonies per 100 ml of water and will be marked as safe (green) when Enterococci colonies are below 104 colonies per 100 ml of water. A grey status indicates a lack of current or reliable data for a particular site.

Click on the maps below to see the swim guide for each location.

Bohemian Park

Small park with beach and kayak accessibility, located off County Road 48 in Fairhope, AL

Honey Road Boat Launch

Honey Road Boat Launch/Ramp in Summerdale, AL

Turkey Branch

Turkey Branch at Condor Circle, where Turkey Branch flows into Fish River