The Weeks Bay National Estuarine Research Reserve, in coordination with the Baldwin County Board of Education, is currently seeking applicants for an educator to lead K-12 student programs and teacher professional development. The position is provided by the Baldwin County Board of Education and does not include benefits. Please see the job description below as well as the link to the application:

The Weeks Bay NERR Resource Teacher develops and implements youth education and teacher professional development training. This position is a cooperative effort between the Reserve and the Baldwin County Board of Education. The position requires practical education experience as well as expertise in the areas of marine and environmental science. Duties include, but are not limited to, planning, scheduling and coordinating age-appropriate group activities; conducting in-service activities for Baldwin County teachers; assisting in the development of exhibits and collections; assisting in the development of educational programs; and participation in special school projects.

Please click the link HERE and select the Loxley Satellite Position to see more.